Dolphin 3DCAM

3DCAM is the latest software module from Dolphin Cadcam Systems

We have been providing engineers around the world with affordable, fully featured CAD/CAM software for over 25 years.

Import files from any CAD system, simply select the areas to be machined and set the tools.

2D & 3D Roughing and Finishing. Multiple Z passes, choose Start & End points. Tags. Climb & conventional machining.

2D & 3D Roughing and Finishing. Multiple Z passes. Zig Zag or Profile style. Climb & conventional machining. Machine from boundary or centre.

Canned Cycles for Drill, Peck Drill, Deep Drill, Ream, Bore and Tap.

Full 3D Toolpath generation for any machine tool

Compatibility with all CAD systems via IGES, STEP and STL import, such as SolidWorks™, SolidEdge™, Rhinoceros™, Autodesk Inventor™,
PowerSHAPE™, Autodesk AutoCAD™, Geomagic Design™,


Included postprocessor generator enabling adjustments to be made for any NC controller system
Tool path calculation at any required precision level - User friendly interface -  Vast library of ready postprocessors
Realistic machining simulation  - Easy to use -  Results immediately after system installation
Education, service, documentation, support, hotline -  Free in version updates


3DCAM Examples

Example showing the Profile style Pocketing
Example showing the Zig Zag style Pocketing



Example of 3D & 2D Pocketing

Example of 3D Profiling


3DCAM has a wide range of 3D machining strategies that enables the machining of parts with complex freeform surfaces.