PartMaster Milling PROFESSIONAL Edition

Now includes the NEW 3D Machining Module


PartMaster Milling PRO is a system designed to create accurate, complete programs for CNC Mills and Machining Centres, both vertical and horizontal.

PartMaster is a fully intercative program environment that means no programming langauge needs to be learned, all geometry can be created in PartMaster CAD or imported via DXF, IGES and STEP files. Having created the desired toolpaths, the output (G Code or other format) can be created for any machine tool controller.

PartMaster is ideal for those new CNC Machine Tools whilst offering many advanced features for the experienced user.

 Advanced Machining functions include:

Full Machine Tool Simulation
Import IGES, STEP and DXF files

Merge from top to bottom contour
Surface of revolution
Surface defined by 2 curves
Z-Axis profiling
Ramp down options

  • Supports 2, 2.5 and 3 axis milling and rotary axes A and B.

  • Tooling database.

  • Display of component and toolpath in Plan, Front & Side Elevation and Iso-metric views.

  • Display of tool centre-line, tool path envelope or full tool animation.

  • Canned cycles for milling, drilling, peck-drilling, deep-hole drilling, reaming, boring, tapping and circular and rectangular pocketing.

  • Simplified 2D contouring control with automatic generation of lead-on and run-off.

  • Z-axis profiling which allows the machining of parts that do not have vertical sides.

  • Merge top and bottom 2D contours to produce and machine a ruled surface (square ended tools).

  • Advanced 3D Surface of revolution for core and cavity machining.

  • Surface machining by defining 2 profiles.

  • Thread Milling
  • Automatic Area Clearance of any shaped Contour with unlimited islands, options for Linea, ZigZag and Spiral machining

  • Spiral plunging option for pocketing.

  • Ramping with arc (helical), angled or straight line approach.

  • Tapered wall machining on Contouring and Pocketing with Z step cutting or full 3 axis finishing.

  • Engraving facility that allows any text to be machined, with size, angle and mirror image options, text can also be machined around an arc.

  • Built in RS232 communication package with full drip feed facility.

  • Full On-line help that incorporates schematics and dynamic help pages, all in compiled HTML format for fast access.

  • Output to virtually any machine tool controller, with the built-in post processor.

  • Operator set-up sheets which show tooling required and machining sequence.

    PartMaster Milling PRO Merge Command
Example of the Merge command to create a ruled surface between 2 contours at different Z heights


PartMaster Milling PRO Ruled Surface
Z-axis profiling to produce a ruled surface, which can be machined with either a ball nose, bull nose or square tool.

      PartMaster Milling PRO Z Surface Patch

Example of surface patch defined by two profiles

       PartMaster Milling PRO Text Engraving
Example of milling text, including True Type fonts.   

    PartMaster Milling PRO Contouring with Z Profile
Example of Z-Profile for shapes with non vertical sides


 PartMaster Milling PRO Area Clearance
Complex area clearance with islands.

PartMaster Milling PRO Surface Revolution
This shows the surface of revolution feature. This can be used to cut axially or radially and can produce either a core or a cavity.

 PartMaster Milling PRO Text Islands
Machining text as islands is also possible.