PartMaster Wire EDM

 PartMaster's Wire Erosion Module is a specialised program preparation system for 2 and 4 axis Wire EDM machines. Geometry comes a PartMaster CAD drawing, DXF, IGES or STEP file, therefore requiring no programming language to be learnt.

PartMaster Wire EDM can cut 2 axis profiles, tapered profiles, and full 4 axis profiles, it will automatically generate lead-in lead-out cuts to avoid "start pips".

Defining multiply passes is simplicity itself, just specify the number of passes and the offset amounts and the system will generate a complete program with all associated G41/G42 commands and generator settings.

The software comes complete with a built-in RS232 module for sending and receiving programs to the machine tool.

Advanced featured inlcude:

Full Machine Tool Simulation

Import DXF, IGES and STEP files


PartMaster Wire EDM Main Features
  • 2 axis parallel profiles

  • Corner radii can be set to: - Cylindrical (Standard Conic). Conical (ISO) or by specifying the top and bottom radii (Programmable).

  • Tapered profiles. The wire angle can be changed at any point on the profile, or be changed whilst moving between points or around arcs.

  • 4 axis shapes, where you can define the top and bottom contours to be machined, the final shape may be altered by specifying synchronisation points or on a span-by-span basis.

  • Create multiple passes for roughing and finishing with reverse direction, changes to generator setting and wire offsets (G41/G42).

  • Create tag points before the end of the section to prevent the workpiece from falling.

  • Create lead-in and lead-out moves – Normal, Arc and Parallel.

  • Generate U and V in incremental or absolute dimensions.

  • Import DXF,  IGES & STEP files.

  • Built in RS232 communication package with full drip feed facility.

  • Graphical verification, which can show if the maximum wire angle has been exceeded, or if taper cutting the wire "overcuts".

  • Specify operator instructions to be output at any point in the NC programme such as tagging.

  • Display the wire path in plan or isometric view points.

  • Customisable post-processor or choose from the range of standards supplied which include:- Agie. Charmilles. Fanuc. Sodick. Mitsubishi. Seibu. Ona. Japax.

PartMaster Wire EDM Examples

Dolphin CadCam PartMaster Wire EDM - Geneva Wheel
Example of the Rotate command on a Geneva Wheel


Dolphin CadCam PartMaster Wire EDM - Multi-cuts
Multiple passes with Reverse direction and Tagging


Dolphin CadCam PartMaster Wire EDM 4 Axis Rotate
Example of 4 Axis with UV - Scale & Rotate


Dolphin CadCam PartMaster Wire EDM - Involute Gear
PartMaster Wire EDM has it's own Involute Gear module


Dolphin CadCam PartMaster Wire EDM - Lead in / out
This shows the Lead in / out options


Dolphin CadCam PartMaster Wire EDM UV Scale & Rotate
ple showing 4 Axis Synch points