PartMaster CAD


PartMaster Cad represents a new generation of Cad system.

It has been designed to be the easiest to use, yet most productive 2D Cad system available.

The system has been produced specifically for mechanical engineering; it can be used to prepare high quality engineering drawings, and to create geometry, which can be used, in the machining modules within the DOLPHIN system.

PartMaster Cad will benefit engineers who are not familiar with Cad systems, while offering those with Cad experience a new level of productivity.

Partmaster Cad System


  • Named Layer controls with show - hide - print attributes.
  • Automatic parameter assignment e.g. selecting LINE automatically sets line width and style, layer etc.
  • All operations are fully dynamic, you can see the results of an operation before accepting/rejecting the results.
  • b-Splines can be created and modified
  • Multiple Document Interface, more than one drawing can be opened and modified at a time.
  • Active X (COM), Visual Basic and Java script interfaces allows for customisation.
  • Automatic dimensioning in inch /metric or both. Dimensions may be Horizontal, Vertical, Parallel, Radial, Circular, Angular or Leader Line. Drawings may be produced and dimensioned in imperial or metric units. Associative dimensions, if the object is altered the dimension reflects the changes made.
  • Associative dimensions, if the object is altered the dimension reflects the changes made.
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo commands.
  • Cut and Paste between drawings.
  • Customisable Toolbars and screen layout.
  • Uses Templates for professional quality drawings and geometry preparation.
  • DXF Import 

PartMaster Cad System


Using the Active X and Visual Basic (VB Scripting) interface to PartMaster CAD you can create profiles by using the data from a spreadsheet or other external program.

In the example on the left this profile of a CAM was produced from an Excel spreadsheet, when you enter new data for different CAM profiles a new drawing and machining program are created automatically.

This function is superb for Family of Parts applications as well.

PartMaster Cad is ideal for producing complex drawings as well as simple geometry.

If you don’t need to produce full working drawings, you can use PartMaster Cad to create the geometry required for the machining modules.

Many companies are being supplied with drawing in DXF or IGES format. PartMaster Cad allows you to read-in these drawings and then select just the parts that need to be machined. This process is very quick and straightforward and can save a lot of time.

Standard masters and templates can be created, and included into any drawing. Company logos etc, can also be included.

PartMaster Cad System
PartMaster Cad System

PartMaster Cad allows you to open multiple views of the same drawing with dynamic placement of objects across views, this means that if the object you wish to snap to is not in the current view you can drag the cursor to another window to complete the operation.

This feature makes working on large drawings very simple, as you add objects to your current view all other views are updated automatically.

You may also open other drawings and cut and paste between them, for example, another drawing contains a feature that you wish to place in your current drawing, simply open the other drawing, select the feature you require select cut and paste from the toolbars and place the feature into your new drawing - Superbly versatile.

PartMaster Cad has a complete online help system, all commands from the menus and toolbars have their own help pages, the help system contains clear, concise instructions on how to complete a particular operation, many of the help pages are dynamic this means that the help system shows you what will happen when you perform an operation.

Context sensitive help is also available, when you click on an Icon the online help system shows you exactly the correct help pages, which are relevant to your current operation.

All help pages can be printed if you wish.

PartMaster Cad System